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  • XBD-HS diesel split case fire pump
  • XBD-HS diesel split case fire pump
XBD-HS diesel split case fire pumpXBD-HS diesel split case fire pump

XBD-HS diesel split case fire pump

  • The character is enegy saving
  • Volute casing for high flow performance
  • Diesel driven as standby pump
  • Split design in-line service without disturbing piping.
  • Product description: XBD-HS split case fire pump can also be diesel driven at 1500rpm,1800rpm,3000rpm,2200rpm, can match with Cummins, Clark engine to supply water to pipe, sprinkler and hydrant systems in fire fighting

The XBD-HS Diesel Driven split case fire pump is diesel driven and usually used as main fire pump in the fire fighting system,it is designed to provide water to stand pipe, sprinkler, chemical mitigation and hydrant systems for fire fighting application.It is widely used as it can be used once without electricity and electric fire pump can’t start, the pump and diesel engine are completely designed as per NFPA20 standard, this pump is widely used to instead of to Peerless AEF series.

·         Flow is up to 5,000 GPM
·         Pressures up to 290PSI
·         Diesel driven fire pump
·         Can be used even without electricity
·         Pump material:cast iron casing, bronze/SS304 impeller,SKF bearing,gland packing
·         Special material is available like duplex stainless steel 2205 when pump sea water
·         In compliance with NFPA 20,UL and ANSI
·         Dynamic balance impellers.
·         Grease lubrication.
·         Available in 50 or 60HZ.
·         Suction and discharge flanges are on a common center-line.
·         It can also be specially designed as per customer’s request


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