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Spark fire pump is a brand of Guomei pump, specialized in fire fighting pumps, our fire pumps are produced completely as per NFPA20 standard both for performance and material

The series of Spark fire including split case fire pump, end suction fire pump,vertical multistage fire pump, vertical inline fire pump, horionztal multistage fire pump , self-priming fire pump, fire system, portable fire pump and also controller.  These fire pumps can be electric driven and diesel driven, usually the fire system is including two main pumps, that is usually a electric fire pump and a diesel fire pump, and one jockey pump, usually vertical multistage pump is used as jockey pump

Shanghai Guomei Pump Co.,ltd is a professional pump manufacturer in China, we are experienced in pump field and mainly produce industrials pumps, our pump range is including :

1. Split case pump

2. Slurry pump

3. Horizontal multistage pump

4. Fire fighting pump

5. Chemical pump

6. Vertical multistage pump

7. Submersible sewage pump

8. End suction pump

9. Vacuum pump

10. Self-priming pump

All the pumps delivered from our factory are inspected strictly, our QC engineers will make a test report before delivery. Our warranty period is 12 months for common products, some of our brand pumps can be up to 18 months .

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